Designed for organizers

  • Exhibitors invitation
    Manage your exhibitors and highlight your privileged partners
  • Conferences organization
    Schedule live or recorded conferences
  • Representative support
    Assist representatives in setting up their stand
  • Event animation
    Punctuate your event with notifications and much more
  • Organization team management
    Compose your team who will be present on your organization stand

Adapted for representatives

  • Stand customization
    Create your own customized stand
  • Provide multimedia content
    Enhance your stand with visuals, documents and videos
  • Individual or group discussions
    Combine individual or small group meetings according to your carrying capacity
  • Team management on stand
    Adapt the size of your team according to the number of people attending the event
  • Access to specific features depending on the event
    Browse the CV library, rate participants, etc.

Adopted by participants

  • Explore the exhibitors' stands
    Browse through the stands according to your search criteria
  • Individual discussions with representatives
    Subscribe to queues to optimise your visit
  • Group discussion rooms
    Enter freely or by appointment in the group discussion room
  • Participate in conferences
    Attend the presentations and ask your questions to the speakers

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